1. What is the best way to reach you!? 
        StoneBuilt Racing although a reliable source for your RZR 170 parts is a home built business. We work and race, and         work to race. please email me at Adam@stonebuiltracing.com for quicker service


     2. How fast do you ship?

         I typically ship as fast as possible, any customization to the order will cause delays. I.E. Race prep, Custom Sprockets         and similar. Seats, Axles and large items are long lead time items and require 2-4 weeks. If timing is a concern reach         me at above email. 

    3. How do we know it will work?

        Provide the most accurate information possible about your build in any emails you send. if you aren't honest about the build it may not work. if your telling me its stock and it is not, it may not work. if your cheating while racing figure it out yourselves. 

    4. Why is so hard to reach you? 

        I have a full time job outside of Stonebuilt Racing, I have developed clutch kits that work on 170 CC, 204 CC and 232 CC built motors, if you don't trust it will work buy from someone else. I do not have the time to explain in detail to every customer at their convenience, its just the reality. I am here to help but I am not Amazon Prime. If there is concern about your order or an upcoming event, let me know and ill do my absolute best to accommodate. I have shipped customers my personal sprockets just so they can make a race happen.