• Antigravity Batteries SC-1

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    This is the smallest, most powerful Motorsport battery in the WORLD!!!

    At a miniscule 4.25" Length x 1.25" Depth and 3.75" Height (to the top of the terminals) this battery can even start a V8 truck over 10 times in a row!!!! It only weighs 12 oz, yet is as powerful as our competitors batteries that are TWICE the size. For example if you used an 8-Cell Ballistic battery before, our SC-1 can start anything the 8-Cell Ballistic does and is HALF the weight and HALF the size! 

    This battery is designed for race motorcycles and powersports vehicles up to 1300cc in competition use, but also works great as a jump starter for vehicles up to V8-trucks. It has a lower capacity than our 4-Cell model but offers almost twice the power. The battery is waterproof and is also a great back-up battery to take with you for touring or adventure riding to have a spare battery that can start your vehicle and get you back to safety.

    NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DAILY DRIVER TYPE VEHICLES!!!! It has a smaller capacity than recommended for regular use in street-only vehicles. USE for RACE, JUMP START or secondary battery uses.


    • The Smallest, Most Powerful battery ever made for Motorsports.
    • So Powerful it can easily start V8 Motors yet is so small it can fit in your pocket.
    • Can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no "Parasitic Drains" (accessories that draw power when the bike is off... such as alarms, ECUs, iPods, GPS, heated grips, etc).
    • Built in the USA to high quality standards with large all brass unbreakable terminal design.
    • 3-Year Warranty----check manufacturer's website for details (antigravitybatteries.com).
    • Waterproof.


    Best uses

    • Race use for Sport Bikes, Enduro and MX electric start bikes up to 1300cc. Example: Can easily start high compression Ducati V-Twin motors yet only wieghs 12 oz.
    • As a back-up battery (not connected) to take along for Touring or Adventure riding or Offroad Trucks and vehicles for jump start emergencies.


    Technical Details

    • 180 Cranking Amps
    • 6 Amp Hours (PBEq) - (1.8Amp hours actual)


    Dimensions and Weight

    • USA SIZE (LxWxH): 4.25" x 1.25" x 3.75" (Height is measured to the top of the terminal bolt heads).
    • USA WEIGHT: 12 oz
    • METRIC SIZE (LxWxH): 110mm x 32mm x 95mm (Height is measured to the top of the terminal bolt heads).
    • METRIC WEIGHT: 410 g