• Performance Quality ROLLER WEIGHTS (18 X 14); GY6, RZR 170


    You will Receive a Great quality roller weights By NCY, Naraku or Malossi for RZR 170 Depending on weight chosen, scooters and go carts. Lower your stock weight  for a great performance upgrade for better take and just plain replacing worn out stock weights.

    18X14 mm roller set for RZR 170, Buddy 125, Blur, and many other scooters. RZR 170 takes 15g or 16g Stock rollers depending on Year, Buddy 125 takes 11.5g stock rollers, and Blur takes 14g stock, so play with some different weights and make it rip!

    For those of you unfamiliar with roller weights, they are an important tuning device and have a significant impact on your scooter's performance! They should be checked/changed every Race or along with your recommended maintenance schedule for recreational riding to keep your RZR 170 running tops. Over time, roller weights will develop flat spots which will impair the performance of your scooter.

    A good indication that your rollers are worn is increasingly high revs for a given speed and/or decreased top speed. Replacing worn rollers with this set will restore and actually improve your low-end power and especially your top speed. Fuel efficiency will also improve dramatically!