• Polini RZR 170, RZR 200 Race Bell


    The EVO clutch bell for various RZR 170, GY6, scooters. Very lightweight and easy-spinning, CNC-machined from one solid block, unlike the Malossi Wing Bell with its cooling ring. This has the advantage that the bell runs 100% true and no weighting is required. The weight is also dramatically reduced, making it one of the lightest “Wing Bells” on the market. The compact design means the diameter could be maintained, although this item is a fraction larger than the original, but suitable for building with tight clearances. The large ventilation openings reduce the temperature of the bell and give it a more aggressive look. All-in-all a great quality, high-end bell. 

    Made in Italy, guaranteed to be of the highest Quality. 

    Approx 2oz lighter than OEM